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Walnut Creek's Premier Photography StudiO

The Studio
for you.

The STUDIO is a 1,980 sq ft. full-service photography studio in Walnut Creek, available for rent by the hour, day, or week.  We have professional photography, lighting, and grip rental gear on-site, and our staff of pro photographers are ready to assist in nailing any concept you bring us.

  • Convenient, safe location in the East San Francisco Bay Area
    Close to 680/24 freeways and the Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill BART stations

  • Flexible hours
    We offer late-night access or early openings to accommodate your schedule

  • Large, wide-open space
    High-ceilings, huge open space, and easy load-in through our ground-floor roll-up gate

  • Convenient amenities
    A clean, well-maintained bathroom, fast WiFi, air conditioning, dedicated hair/makeup area, modern front office/lounge, water cooler (with real cups, not thimbles), and a booming sound system are just some of the niceties we provide all of our guests

  • No fuss rentals
    Every rental includes your choice of seamless paper, as well as a powered Magliner cart for a better tethered shooting experience


Available for rent

If you don't
have it, we do.

Forget something? Want to try shooting medium format or with a giant parabolic reflector? We've got you covered. 

The STUDIO has a huge set of rental equipment available, including:

  • Hasselblad (medium format) and Canon cameras & lenses

  • Profoto lighting (pro packs & mono lights, and more exotic items like the Sticklight, ProRing 2 Plus, and ProFresnel Spot)

  • Broncolor para 222

  • 12' x 12' Matthews Butterfly overhead (with white canvas, silk, or chromakey fabric)

  • Endless grip gear, including stands, flags, scrims, booms, and gobo arms 




Walnut Creek


The STUDIO is conveniently located in Walnut Creek, just seconds from the 24/680 freeways and minutes from the Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill BART stations.

The STUDIO is a great place to bring clients, located in a well-lit area with an elegant, modern office space, among other amenities.